Dairy Barns

Dairy facility design starts with a discussion with the customer about the goals the customer has for the facility being designed. We provide advice on the appropriate layout checking the design for cow flow, people flow, manure flow and air flow. We then adjust the layout to incorporate the appropriate equipment that will help the customer to be successful with the facility. The end product of the design process should be a healthy cow, heifer or calf environment inside an efficient facility.

Because we do not sell milking parlors, but concentrate our efforts on the part of the facility where the cow lives, we have developed an expertise that is unrivaled in the market place. We have our own cameras (see 'Products & Services') and on each new facility we set up the cameras 3 - 6 months after the facility is completed. We then digitally record a full 24 hour period and analyze the 24 hour period. Afterwards, we deliver a report on how the facility performs as well as how the customer's management practices impact the success of the facility.

Click on the links below to download sample barn layouts for ideas on the kind of projects we are involved in. Contact us to get more details and have a plan tailored to any specific need.

Sample Dairy Barns for up to 150 Cows

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Sample Dairy Barns for 150 - 300 Cows

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Sample Dairy Barn for 300 + Cows

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