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Creating Systems for Your Dairy Cows

As a farmer, you already know many factors go into keeping your dairy cows healthy and productive. You have to ensure the air in your barns is properly ventilated. You also have to see to their comfort and that they are properly fed. Pro-Line Manufacturing can assist with complete systems for the care and management of your dairy cows. We manufacture and distribute equipment to provide proper ventilation, manure handling and application, feeding, stabling and more. Explore our complete range of dairy herd systems.


With a proper ventilation system, you can provide fresh air, low humidity levels, and even temperatures throughout your barn. Find out how a ventilation system from Pro-Line can improve your dairy herd's health.

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Manure Handling & Application

Create a clean and healthy space for your dairy herd and farm team with manure handling and application equipment from Pro-Line. Find out more about our efficient and economical systems for handling and recycling manure.

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Feeding Equipment

Feeding a herd of any size can be time-consuming for any dairy farmer. Pro-Line Manufacturing's feeding equipment helps make the job easier and quicker.

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Cow Comfort

Pro-Line has a range of products to keep your herd comfortable, including mattresses and stall equipment. 

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Stabling, Fencing & Gate Work

Keep your dairy operation organized and safe with stabling equipment from Pro-Line. You can find out more about our gates, lockers, calf pens and other stabling equipment for your dairy facilities.

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