Feeding Equipment

Feeding Your Dairy Herd is Easier

Feeding a large herd can be time-consuming without an efficient feeding system. It can even affect the overall health of your animals. The Autoration Feed System from Valmetal is designed to automate your entire feeding system, with capabilities for multiple feedings per day.

  • User-friendly software
  • Automatic control of silo unloaders and belt feeders
  • Capacity for 16 recipes 

Benefit from increased milk production, healthier animals, precise rations, cost reduction in maintenance and most importantly, more time for you and your family. 

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Valmetal Autoration

Belt Feeding

Pro-Line carries a range of belt and conveyor feeders produced by Valmetal to make feeding your dairy herd easier.

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Calf Feeding

Ensuring your calves receive the proper rations contributes to their overall health and growth; however, that can get harder to do as your herd grows. Find the calf feeding equipment that make keeping up with your dairy herd easier.

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Quick Pick Feed Blade

Feeding your herd is easier and quicker with the Quick Pick Feed Blade. It is an attachment picked up with the bucket of your skid steers. This tool can be picked up and dropped very quickly. You can use the Quick Pick Feed Blade to push feed closer to the cows feed curb, making it easier for you and your animals.



Tip Troughs

Fresh water is essential for high milk production. Ensure your cows have access to clean water with the Pro-Line Stainless Tip Trough. This trough is easy to clean and has a high refill volume, so your cows always have an adequate supply of clean, fresh water. The rounded corners prevent livestock from being injured and make cleaning easy. Several sizes and configurations are available. Contact us for more details.

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