Ensuring that your cows can safely and easily feed is imperative for your farm. The freely moving locking bars of our feeding gates provide cows with a large feeding space and allow them to withdraw their heads in an emergency. 

Pro-Line Manufacturing has a wide range of solutions for feed systems, including DeBoer Safety Lockers and custom-made Pro-Line Safety Lockers, Angle Feeders and Swing Rails. The feed systems come in a wide variety of widths to accommodate different herds.

Pro-Feed Feedfences


The Pro-Feed Feedfence is designed by Pro-Line to maximize your cows' comfort while eating. With this type of fencing, the cows can chew and swallow with a natural posture. There is some separation between cows so lower ranked cows in the herd are protected from the other cows. 

Pro-Line Swing Rail


The Pro-Line Swing Rail is an animal friendly alternative to a fixed feeding tube as the cows can move the rail in order to reach the feeding area. The cows is more comfortable and it is less work moving feed. 

Pro-Line Lockers


Maternity Pen Lockers


Angle Feeders


DeBoer Lockers


PFB Equipment Lockers


Jourdain Lockers


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