Dairy Barn

It is important to keep your dairy cows healthy to ensure your operation remains viable. With proper ventilation, you can provide fresh air, low humidity levels, and even temperatures throughout your barn. This all contributes to your animals’ health.

Particular attention should be paid to conditions within the facility when summer comes around as cows start to experience stress at 23 degrees Cels. In winter conditions, the buildup from animal respiration can affect the air quality.

Pro-Line Manufacturing provides natural and power ventilation systems for dairy facilities to provide your animals with optimized air. These ventilation systems are comprised of high-quality equipment and have been designed to last with minimal maintenance required.


Heifer barn

The comfort of your heifers influences their development and, ultimately, the productivity of the herd. Therefore, they require a ventilation system that will keep them healthy and integrate perfectly with your existing infrastructure. We know that every operation has different requirements, which is why we can custom design ventilation systems that will work specifically for your barn and your heifers.


Calf barn

Calves can be vulnerable to health issues like pneumonia if barns are not properly ventilated. For that reason, we take particular care when designing ventilation systems in calf barns to prevent drafts and uneven temperatures. Our ventilation systems for your calf barn are designed to keep your calves healthy and to help your herd thrive.

Brite-Wall Panels

  • Translucent
  • Panels are surrounded by an aluminium extrusion for optimal rigidity and strength
  • 10-year pro-rated warranty against UV damage
  • Lifting system with Lock motor

Air Bags

Secco International Isocell, A great solution for natural ventilation. Isocell combines:

  • Transparency
  • Insulation
  • Rigidity

Rigid Panels

Secco Thermik Rigid Panel

  • R12 insulation value
  • Windows available
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Lifetime product


Secco International brand curtains:

  • Natural Ventilation
  • Low cost
  • Translucent

Fans & Chimneys

As a part of a complete ventilation system for your dairy barn, Pro-Line offers a range of exhaust and tunnel fans, in addition to chimneys, to provide you with the healthiest air possible for your cows. You can find more about our available fans and & chimneys here:

Secco VES-Artex

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