Lagoon Pumpers

The Jamesway Pumpellor Lagoon Pump comes in two models; the Trailer and the 3-Point hitch. It combines the canon power of a lagoon pump and the high volume stirring of a prop agitator. The Pumpellor pulls "tough" bedding through the impellor at high speeds, chopping solids at up to 50 cuts per second and turns dry solids and thick weed growth into pumpable slurry.

  • Hydraulic controls to make the pump fully automatic
  • The trailer model comes in 32 ft/ 42 ft/ 52 ft/ 62 ft.
  • The 3-point hitch model comes in 19 ft/ 22 ft/ 25 ft

For more information, please contact CJ or Curtis at 403-885-2527 or email us info(at)

For more information see Jamesway Pumpellor

Pumpellor - 3 Point Hitch


Canon Assembly