Pro-Line Mfg. has a wide range of solutions for feed systems, including DeBoer Safety Lockers and custom-made Pro-Line Safety Lockers, Angle Feeders and Swing Rails. The feed systems come in a wide variety of widths to accommodate different herds. 

The freely moving locking bar provides the cows with a large feeding space and offers cows the possibility to withdraw their head in case of an emergency. De Boer feed systems are very durable and one of the most quiet products on the market.

De Boer Lockers

Angle Feeder

Proline Lockers

Maternity Pen Locker


Proline Swing Rail

The Pro-Line Swing Rail is an animal friendly alternative to a fixed feeding tube because the cows can move the rail in order to reach the feed in the feeding area. The result is more comfort for the cows and less work moving feed towards the cows. 

Still manually moving feed towards the feeding fence? Check out the Quick Pick Feed Blade by Pro-Line! 


Pro-Feed feedfence 

The Pro-Feed feedfence is designed by us to give the cows maximum comfort while eating. With this type of fencing the cows can chew and swallow on a complete natural way. Still there is some separation in between cows so lower ranked cows in the herd are somewhat protected from the boss cows. If she needs to move she has always all the room to do so.